GPS Watches - The New 'Wrist-Top' Pc?

Published: 18th January 2012
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So I was watching CNBC the other morning when the on-air team was talking about recent trends in wrist watch sales and consumer use. The premise was that since Everybody has a mobile phone or mobile device using a clock, folks do not really should wear a watch anymore. Pretty intriguing stuff.

Much more fascinating, although, is the fact that, regardless of this theory, watch companies like Swatch, Fossil, and so on. are really doing pretty well even in these days of our challenged economy. The wrist watch is not only nonetheless an incredibly Popular and Individual jewelry and accessory style selection, but is also quickly becoming the wearer's private assistant!

Watches are beginning to acquire their toe inside the door with the mini-PC category. We've all shared with our pals how cool our GPS is in our vehicle, how we've picked our favorite voices and car icon and how we've all named them (mine's Emily!). And we're nonetheless amazed that they're able to help us discover that wonderful small Chinese restaurant that is tucked in that downtown side street.

Watches now not only have GPS capability but they contain also have functions like cell phones with Bluetooth capability, MP3/MP4 players, calendars, calculators, alarm clocks, voice recorders and functions to assist together with your workout regimen. Dick Tracy eat your heart out!

So, regardless of whether you are trying to maximize the efficiency of one's workouts or runs, looking for a handy and accurate method to check yardages on the golf course, insure you find your way out of the woods (or off the lake) or help you preserve an eye on your kids even whenever you cannot see them, one of these 'wrist-top' computers can almost certainly offer much more than you need.

It really is actually amazing that some of these new GPS watches can even store as much as 250 groups of phone books, have E-book capability, cameras and FM radios, two GB built-in memory cards and 1.3 inch 260k Pixels touch-screens.

GPS Sports Watch:

The initial sort of GPS watches to locate mass appeal is the athletic or fitness watch. This little goodie is excellent for various various sports and outdoor activities, especially those where tracking your speed and movement is of some value. These "runners'" or "running" watches are a sports watch along with a distance tracker that also shows your present speed.

Getting able to help keep track of your pace may also be extremely advantageous in a sport like running or cycling where speed is of the essence. Also important is figuring out the overall distance you have covered in the course of a workout as well as a GPS running watch can tell you just that. Numerous GPS sport watches have quite a few features that can help you maintain track of your total work out and also the number of doughnuts (calories) you worked off!


But runners are not the only ones who can reap the advantages of GPS. Some GPS navigation watches have features that could guide you to nearby landmarks, enable you to discover your way back to your starting point should you get off course or to an indicated marker you set along your travels. Some GPS wrist devices also have maps with slightly bigger viewing places to greater see the details. GPS may also let you know the direction you are facing even though moving and direct you to a 'signpost' along the way.

Then, once home, you can download your tracking information on for your Computer or laptop for reviewing in a lot more detail using a traditional mapping software program application. And, the reverse action could be completed on your Pc by generating a set of markers and coordinates (like cyber Reece's pieces) on a map after which transferred into the watch. Fairly nifty.

If you'd like attributes like an excellent 'old fashioned' compass, thermometer or barometer, there are many outdoors or navigations watches that supply that, too. Throw in a barometric altimeter for elevation information and you're all set.


Turn those bogeys into pars...or much better by realizing yardages on the golf course with a 'handy' GPS golf watch. These new 'bogey busters' (like the Garmin Approach S1) display precise yardages for the front, back and middle of greens and come preloaded with thousands of courses so you don't want any subscriptions or downloads. Just choose the course you want and hit the links.

With the Garmin Strategy S1 it is possible to measure individual shot distances, track how far you walk on the course, as well as use the alarm to create confident you do not miss that early tee time. Throughout the course of play, Method S1 displays the hole from exactly where you will be on the golf course, so your golf watch calculates the angle and distance for your target. It is like getting a caddy on hand!

And, it really is fairly sharp style is as impressive within the office as on the course.

As Garmin says, "The Garmin Strategy S1 GPS Golf Watch is golf's very first full-featured sports watch and golf GPS system in one."


Being a parent, absolutely nothing is more valuable than a child's properly being and safety and no cost is too high to help keep a "cyber-eye" on your kid. That's why the new GPS Watch Child Location devices are very a God send especially ones like the Brickhouse GPS Child Locater and also the LoK8r NuM8 (pronounced 'New Mate') and others.

GPS Kid Locator Watches are diverse from other GPS locator devices since the GPS Kid Locator watch and your kid are often 1. Even though other devices may be placed in a child's backpack or on their coat or sweater, GPS locator watches can't be removed by the kid or an unauthorized person. If this DOES take place as well as the GPS Child Locator watch is removed or tampered with an alert is sent for your mobile phone and email. Even though this will not avoid an undesirable incident, it might be invaluable in tracking a lost or errant kid.

Picture the peace of mind you'll have knowing that your child can very easily and quickly alert authorities and they are able to use the GPS watch to find and help them in minutes.

Private GPS units for children aren't low-cost and the smaller the device the greater the value. But is any value to high when thinking about the safety and well getting of one's kid? In today's world it really is impossible to be TOO safe and these GPS Child Locater Watches can certain support give us parents some much necessary peace of mind.

So there you might have a quick, nicely maybe not so quick, recap of several of the most well-liked GPS Watch features and benefits for everybody from the significant fitness enthusiast, hunters and hikers, the Sunday duffer and caring parents. Whatever you might be, it is possible to uncover a GPS Watch to fit your interest and wallet.

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